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Unrest in Egypt Continues While Sudan Strengthens Ties There

Nearly a month after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, violence escalated once again on Tuesday as Christians and Muslims fought each other in the capital city of Cairo.  Thousands of Christians gathered in two separate locations in Cairo to protest what they perceive as persecution and discrimination by the country’s Muslim majority.… Continue Reading

South Sudan Discusses Diplomatic Relations with Israel

On the cusp of becoming and independent nation, Africa’s newest nation of South Sudan is planning to establish diplomatic relations with the Jewish State of Israel. The declaration of independence is expected to occur this coming July, and in anticipation of that day the head of a delegation of South Sudanese, Suleiman Alhariri, invited Deputy… Continue Reading

High Hopes for South Sudan Rest on Salva Kiir’s Shoulders

Now that the vote has decided that South Sudan will become an independent country this coming July, hope for a successful secession has been vested into the hands of what many analysts are describing as an unassuming leader, Salva Kiir. Kiir’s modus operandi will be consensus building, in contrast to the years of violent conflict… Continue Reading

South Sudan Considering Where Their New Captial Should Be

Officials of South Sudan are considering creating a new capital city for their newly created independent country. Declaring that the present main city of Juba will not be able to adequately accommodate the needs of a true capital, South Sudanese leaders are deciding if they should just enlarge and modernize Juba, built a capital near… Continue Reading

Sudan Conducts Shuttle Diplomacy To Limit Secession Consequences

The Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs announced that Sudan will conduct shuttle diplomacy to contain the damage of the coming secession of south Sudan. Khalid Musa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, emphasized that the main goal is to limit the “negative” consequences of south Sudan’s secession on North Sudan. The secondary goal is to… Continue Reading

Sudanese Islamic clerics Demand Shar’iah Law Despite South Sudan Independence

Muslim radical clerics condemned the Sudanese government allowing South Sudan to secede from Sudan . The Muslim cleric group demanded that Islamic Shar’iah law be forced on the whole country, even though the mainly Christian section of South Sudan will certainly oppose this religious oppression. The 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which ended the ongoing… Continue Reading