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UAE is Middle East’s Best Country for Global Competitiveness

A report released last week revealed that the United Arab Emirates is the most successful country in the Middle East when it comes to retaining its home-nurtured talent. Overall globally, Switzerland still ranks highest for talent competitiveness according to the 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI). Ranked second and third are Singapore and the United… Continue Reading

Barclays to Cut 150 Jobs in Dubai

The downtown Dubai offices of Barclays Plc in Emaar square are closing due to worldwide overhaul in structuring of the giant lending institution headquartered in the U.K. Approximately 150 people will be fired, while others, such as bankers and support staff, will be move to Barclays’ office at the Dubai International Financial Center. The corporate… Continue Reading

Emirates’s A380 Makes World’s Longest Flight to LAX

Emirates’s A380 Makes World’s Longest Flight to LAX

December third was an historic day in aviation: The longest flight for the A380 in the world touched down in Los Angeles after a 16 hour and 20 minute flight from Dubai. Emirates Airlines worked hard to make this route one of luxury and excellent service. On board the huge double-decker airbus were over 400… Continue Reading

Salaries Rising in UAE

Base salaries for professionals in the technology and human resources field can expect an increase in their yearly compensation by about 5.3 percent in the coming year in the United Arab Emirates. This prediction was made by the Robert Half Middle East Company, a firm which specializes in job recruitment. Director of Robert Half, James… Continue Reading

Price of iPhones Dropping in UAE

With the expectation that a newer model of the iPhone 4S is about to come to market, the price of the 16GB top-of-the-line smartphone has been steadily declining. Price Going Down The Apple iPhone has experienced a 20 percent price drop just in the last week or so. The latest reduction was offered as a… Continue Reading

iPhone 4S Coming to the UAE

In a race to be the first to get the latest hi-tech phone to the people of the UAE, du, one of the UAE’s two telecom providers, announced that it will have the iPhone 4S available for customers to purchase this coming Friday, December 16th. This announcement came in response to a similar announcement by… Continue Reading

Group Buying Trend Beginning to Grow in Middle East Market

In recent years the popularity of group buying, also known as social buying, has grown by leaps and bounds. Now a multi-billion-dollar business, group buying businesses such as Groupon have become household names throughout Europe, the US, Australia, China and beyond through their use of daily e-mails and huge discounts on everything from appliances, vacations,… Continue Reading

UAE Introducing New Dh500 Paper Currency

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates announced that Abu Dhabi will soon be placing into circulation a new Dh500 banknote. The amended banknote will be reprinted with updated security features. New Banknote Will Be Circulated November 29 “This currency note will be put in circulation as legal tender along with currency notes currently… Continue Reading

Mike Grant Appointed Chief Restructuring Officer for the Al Jaber Group

The privately owned Al Jaber Group, and Abu Dhabi-based civil and electro-mechanical engineering contractor, announced the appointment of Mike Grant to be their new chief restructuring officer. Mike Grant will be leading the company’s latest move to further along their debt reorganization, according to spokesmen for the company. Grant is a veteran of restructuring at… Continue Reading

Dana Gas Posts Profits for Third Quarter of 2011

Dana Gas PJSC announced its financial outcome for the fiscal quarter which ended on September 30th 2011. Dana Gas is an incorporated company in the Emirate of Sharjah of the UAE and is the largest private sector natural gas company in the region. Impressive Results The results for the third quarter of 2011 are impressive:… Continue Reading