South Sudan Discusses Diplomatic Relations with Israel

On the cusp of becoming and independent nation, Africa’s newest nation of South Sudan is planning to establish diplomatic relations with the Jewish State of Israel. The declaration of independence is expected to occur this coming July, and in anticipation of that day the head of a delegation of South Sudanese, Suleiman Alhariri, invited Deputy Minister of Israel Ayoub Kara to visit his newly established country. The leaders were together at an inauguration in London of a new organization which will be created to help develop the economy and society of Nigeria. Kara and the South Sudanese delegation met together informally but they discussed forging economic and diplomatic ties.

At the conclusion of the playing of Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem the various event’s speakers each praised the State of Israel in their turn, emphasizing the crucial role Israel has played and continues to play in combating terrorism and Islamic radicalism that today threatens the entire free world. All the speakers called on their governments to tighten relations with Israel, supporting Israel’s diplomatic choices, and helping to protect Israel’s citizens.

Ayoub Kara, a druze minister who represented Israel at the inauguration in London, also said a few words about himself and his country:

“I am not a Jew and my loyalty to the State of Israel derives from the faith in its right to exist as the state of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. I do not see myself under a regime or entity other than Israel, which is the sole island of sanity in the Middle East, where democracy exists for all citizens, and where citizens’ rights are respected more than in any other place.”

“I am fighting on behalf of Israel because I have no other state and I call upon you to support Israel’s decision to hold on to its territory and to the unity of Jerusalem,” he said, adding that recent events had shown that the partners that Israel is being offered cannot be trusted to hold on to power.