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Israel’s Railways: Past and Present

In 1892, the Jaffa-Jerusalem Railroad was completed.  Of this construction, in 1915 in ‘Recent Jewish Progress in Palestine,’ Henrietta Szold termed it “one of the most important events of the period.”  It resulted in making it much easier for pilgrims to visit the region since many tourists would frequent the Holy Land and make their… Continue Reading

Helping New Immigrants Faced with Rocket Bombardment in Southern Israel

As rocket attacks escalate across Israel’s border with Hamas ruled Gaza, new immigrants to Israel face difficult challenges to their absorption into the general Israeli society. New immigrants from North America and other English speaking countries often find themselves having added stress that their native Israeli neighbors do not share, such as not having full… Continue Reading

VAT Rate Changes from Israel Tax Authority: Gidi Bar Zakai

In recent news, starting on September 1, 2012, the Israeli Tax Authority with Deputy Director Gidi Bar Zakai has said that the standard V.A.T. rate will increase. It will move from its current 16% rate to 17%. Certainly, this rate change is significant for large purchases. In addition, the government will increase some income tax… Continue Reading

Blair Blasted as Biased Quartet Envoy

The former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is being accused of “parroting” the same demands as Israel is making, de-legitimizing his role as unbiased mediator in the eyes of the leadership in Palestine. Blair Disappoints Palestinians One senior Palestinian leader, Nabil Shaath, has stated that Palestinian officials seriously considered whether or not to make a… Continue Reading

Popularity Rises as Abbas Returns to Ramallah

Thousands Greet Abbas President Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, returned home on Sunday to a hero’s welcome. Thousands greeted him in Ramallah upon his return from delivering a controversial speech to the United Nations General Assembly in which he called for the creation of a Palestinian State. It is estimated that about… Continue Reading

Ofer Group Private Equity Group & Ofer Group Investments

The Ofer Private Equity Group is part of the larger Ofer Group owned by the Ofer Brothers.  Established in 2006, they started to maximize the experience that was had by the Ofer Hi-Tech management team.  They have, to date, had three successful exits with ECI Telecom, Tecnomatix and Pharmos.  They are part of the controlling… Continue Reading

Israel Clashes with Protesters on Syrian Border

Despite several warnings from Israeli troops to stay away from the border, hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators stormed the fence on Sunday until Israeli troops fired across the Syrian frontier, scattering the crowd in a panic. Syrian television is reporting at least four dead, including a 12-year-old boy, and 15 wounded, with the number of dead… Continue Reading

Electric Cars Coming to Israel

Better Place, the Israel-based electric car company, released its pricing schedule in advance of its introduction of the world’s first nation-wide battery charging grid. Entire Country Within Driving Range The grid will be used to power-up Better Place’s electric cars, soon to go on the market. According to company press releases, the Better Place’s charging… Continue Reading

Israel and Lebanon File Protests at UN Over Border Confrontation

Diplomats representing Lebanon and Israel at the United Nations formally submitted protests concerning the violent border clashes that took place between Israel, Lebanon and Syria on May 15, Nakba Day, this past Sunday. Nakba is Day of Catastrophe May 15th is the day the Arab world calls Nakba, the Arabic word for ‘catastrophe.’ The day… Continue Reading

Abu Sisi Indicted in Beersheva Court for Rocket Attacks from Gaza

Dirar Abu Sisi the 42 year-old engineer who was arrested by Israel while traveling in the Ukraine, was indicted yesterday in an Israeli court for being a member of Hamas and for designing rockets for the Islamist group’s military branch. Indictment for Rocket Manufacture and Membership in Hamas The official summary of the court indictment,… Continue Reading