Violence Against Protestors Continues in Syria

Bashar al Assad

According to activists for human rights in Syria, at least eight people have been killed by Syrian troops in an action to subdue protestors south of the capital of Damascus.

Rocks Thrown

The activists reported that the raid occurred in the town of Kanaker on Wednesday when the residents began to hurl rocks at the approaching troops as they made their way to the town.

This is just the latest in what appears to be escalating violence of the government of Syria to crack down hard on anti-government forces. Last Friday at least nine people were killed during anti-government protests with many more reported as wounded.

Called to Organize on Facebook

Friday’s violence took place in three major cities, Damascus, Homs, and Kiswah. In addition there were protests in other cities around the country where thousands participated in response to a Facebook call to take to the streets by the group Syrian Revolution 2011.

EU Issues Sanctions

In response to the Syrian regime’s violent crackdown the European Union has taken action to rein in President Bashar al-Assad using the sanction weapon. The logic of the EU is that any pressure put on important Syrian allies will translate into sanctions on Syria itself. Therefore the EU has placed sanctions on three of Syria’s Iranian military allies. The EU also condemned the Syrian violence in a statement issued from a summit taking place in Brussels condemning Syrian actions, “unacceptable and shocking violence the Syrian regime continues to apply to its own citizens.”

According to civil rights groups in Syria there have been about 1,600 civilians killed during violent actions the government has taken to subdue anti-government protests and activities. The Syrian regime blames the violence on the actions of terrorists and Islamist insurgents.