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Barclays Analysts Predict That Natural Gas Discoveries Will significantly Strengthen The Israeli Economy In 2011

According to Barclays analysts “Tel Aviv’s main indices kick off 2011 at or near all-time highs, with a strong economic backdrop continuing to provide support…The banking sector is well capitalized, the emerging energy sector remains squarely in focus and the local technology sector is capitalizing on the fastest-growing trends in tech. While the markets are… Continue Reading

Natural Gas Discovery To Bring Significant Ramifications.

Another natural gas discovery has been located off the coast of Israel by Nobel Energy. The economic ramifications of this will probably be enormous. First, Israel will no longer need to import gas from Egypt, but will itself become an exporter. An increased supply of gas will lower the price of gas internationally, supply Israel… Continue Reading

Israel To Rely On Solar Energy

A national master plan has been formulated in Israel and is now awaiting cabinet approval which will optimize the country’s reliance on solar energy to meet the country’s electrical needs. The plan calls for photovoltaic panels to be installed on roofs and in agricultural areas that will produce electricity which will feed into the electrical… Continue Reading

Seattle Says “No” to Anti-Israel Advertisements

In the face of an international outcry, King County executive Dow Constantine announced that Seattle buses would not place vitriolic political billboards on their buses this holiday season. The original billboards’ were clearly anti-Israel in nature, boldly stating “Israel War Crimes-Your Tax Dollars at Work” on a background of Gaza strip post-battle scenes of destroyed… Continue Reading

Bethlehem is Star in Christmas Celebrations

Hosting numbers larger than in any year since Israel handed control of Bethlehem over to the Palestinian Authority, visitors poured into the traditional Christmas capital by the tens of thousands for holiday celebrations. The weather was perfect, and cooperation between the Israeli and Palestinian governments helped ease the ability of tourists and visitors to enter… Continue Reading

The Blue and White Goes Green

Israel is ready to commit large financial resources to being green. After Cabinet approval, the Israeli Government plans to spend $610 million in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The investment, to be implemented over the next ten years, will help Israel fulfill its pledge to the Copenhagen Climate Summit of December 2009. At the summit, Israel… Continue Reading

American Tourist Murdered in Israel

Kristine Luken, with her friend Kaye Susan Wilson were on a nature hike last Saturday in a forest in Israel when suddenly two Arab men attacked them with what Wilson believes was a ‘bread knife.’ Susan lived to tell the story to police and reporters from her hospital bed after being stabbed and pretending to… Continue Reading