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Iran: Three Hours To Go

With Twitter traffic going and alternate IP addresses given to get around the Iranian regime’s Internet blocks, many people are wondering whether it will be possible to ignite an Egyptian style revolution in Iran. The ingredients are for sure there as Iran has a lot of educated youth as well as a whole class of… Continue Reading

$900 Million of Iranian Exports to Afghanistan In The Last 9 Months

Exports rose 25 percent above the same period last year. Afghanistan and Iran’s Joint Economic Cooperation Commission met for the third time in November. The two sides agreed to joint projects in higher education, cultural heritage, healthcare, establishing a joint trade commission, cooperation in free economic zones, concluding a preferential tariffs agreement, creating a joint… Continue Reading

Iran to Increase Crude Oil Output

Iran intends to increase output in five oilfields according to the Managing-Director of the National Iranian Offshore Oil Company (NIOOC) Mahmoud Zirakchianzadeh. Zirakchianzadeh declared that “Studies on reservoirs and prioritizing implementation of production increase in five oilfields, including Soroush, Norouz, Hendijan, Bahregansar and Mahshahr, are moving ahead at a good pace.” He also noted that… Continue Reading

Iran seeking greater percent of Int’l Gas Market

Asqar Soheilipour, An Iranian oil official, declared that Iran is taking steps to increase its percentage of the international, natural gas trade. Along with an increase in natural gas production, infrastructure will be expanded for this greater role in natural gas trading. The Iranian National Gas Company has concluded agreements to export gas to both… Continue Reading

Iran Disinvestment Law Is Working

According to California State Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner, California’s measures to apply economic pressure on Iran are providing results. Four international oil industry companies have ceased their operations in Iran. Earlier in the year, Poizner made and circulated a list of foreign companies doing business with Iran in the areas of finance, energy, nuclear development… Continue Reading

Iran Conducts War Games in Secret Near Iraqi Border

In a distinctly out-of-character display of silence, Iran has quietly been conducting war games along the border with Iraq without fanfare or announcement. Iran announced the conclusion of their military maneuvers, in contrast to their usual display of bravado of giving extensive publicity to military exercises mostly designed to show off weapons systems. It has… Continue Reading

WikiLeaks Sheds New Light on Arab Views on Iran

Among the tens of thousands of documents released by WikiLeaks saying all kinds of good and bad things about world leaders, there seems to be one leader which almost everyone seems to agree about: that is of course the leader of Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The documents point to a great fear and distrust of… Continue Reading