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Egypt to Borrow $4 Billion from Saudi Arabia

Tantawi Announces Loan from Saudi Allies Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi of Egypt told the official Egyptian press agency, MENA on Saturday that Saudi Arabia will lend Egypt emergency monies in the amount of $4 billion. Tantawi, who is the head of Egypt’s ruling military council said, “The $4bn will be distributed in the form… Continue Reading

European Bank Considering Expansion Into MENA

Despite the recent and ongoing turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa, the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is considering expanding their business into the area. Bank Seeks Expansion into Middle East At present the bank supports projects in Eastern Europe and the former states of the Soviet Union, but yesterday they… Continue Reading

Mubarak Blamed for Deaths During Revolution

A new investigation by the Egyptian government into who bears responsibility for the bloodshed and violence during the three-week long revolution which took place in Egypt last February points an incriminating finger at then President Hosni Mubarak as being at least partly responsible for the approximately 846 deaths which occurred during the uprising. The investigation… Continue Reading

Mubarak Quakes Under Questioning

Hosni Mubarak ended up in hospital which took him away from being questioned as he was “suffering heart problems.” He was being probed about the protesters who were killed along with his own alleged public funds embezzlement. Mubarak’s two sons (Gamal and Alaa) were also being questioned for corruption and then detained for 15 days.… Continue Reading

News from Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Libyan Rebels Retake Brega With air support from the United States and its allies Libyan rebels have made major progress across Libya—taking the centrally located city of Ajdabiya, recapturing the eastern city of Brega and making steady advances towards the important oil depot of Ras Lanuf. Warplanes from the west have been bombarding the strongholds… Continue Reading

Unrest in Egypt Continues While Sudan Strengthens Ties There

Nearly a month after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, violence escalated once again on Tuesday as Christians and Muslims fought each other in the capital city of Cairo.  Thousands of Christians gathered in two separate locations in Cairo to protest what they perceive as persecution and discrimination by the country’s Muslim majority.… Continue Reading

Good Business Sense Best Predictor of Good Outcome in Egypt Construction Sector

According to Oscar Wendel, commentator for, the question of what to expect from the construction sector of the Egyptian economy is still difficult to predict. Noting that the only truly reliable truth when it comes to predicting direction for economic trends is that when there is political turmoil and uncertainty, the marketplace suffers. Investors… Continue Reading

What Does Article 151 in the New Egyptian Constitution Mean?

Perhaps one of the outcomes of the Egyptian revolt that interests both Western observers and of course Israel is whether a new government will honor the Peace Treaty Anwar Sadat signed with Israel.  The current leaders of the Military Council have made it clear that they will continue to honor all treaties, including Egypt’s treaty… Continue Reading

The Coming Middle Eastern War

Whether you are a conspiracy buff or not, one cannot dismiss as a mere “coincidence” that Iranian Warships are sailing through the Suez Canal. No one can know either how this expectant naval collision between Israel and Iran is going to progress nor the countless uprisings across the Middle East.  No matter what, it is… Continue Reading