Mondelez Restructuring Sending Workers to Singapore and Zurich

Due to global restructuring, the giant snack/candy manufacturer Mondelez will be reducing its Dubai presence over the coming months. The goal will be to reduce its international structure down from five world regions to only four.
Mondelez is the company behind such popular treats as Oreo biscuits and Cadbury Dairy Milk.

The region that will be lost in the restructuring will be the Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa (EEMEA) region, based in Jebel Ali in Dubai. The area will be divided into two and then subsumed into the Zurich-based EU region and the Asia Pacific (AP) region. Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia and Turkey will join the EU region, and the rest will join the AP region.  The AP region will be renamed Asia, Middle East & Africa, (AMEA region.) The restructuring should be completed by this coming October.

Over 300 people are employed at the Dubai hub. It is believed that most of these workers will be transferred to either Zurich or Singapore, or else stay in Dubai to work at the Middle East Business Unit of Mondelez. This unit has existed since before the creation of the hub, back in 2012.

Andre Benoit, corporate and government affairs director for EEMEA, said:

“We believe this new structure will further simplify the way we do business, empower our newly combined regions with speed and scale in critical areas, while also setting Mondelez International up for continued growth in ‘must-win’ markets.

“While the EEMEA hub will no longer exist, the Middle East Business Unit will continue to be based in Dubai, as it has always been, as well as a number of AMEA roles. The majority of colleagues in Dubai have been offered opportunities in the new, expanded regions, as well as global roles, where they will join larger teams and benefit from broader career prospects.”