Iranian Inspired Revolts

Iranian Warships in the Suez CanalWhile riots have spread throughout the Middle East and what was once a movement for pro-democracy movement, yet now taken over by foreign interests and radical Islamic groups, Iranian warships are awaiting Egyptian approval to move through the Suez canal in order to “dock at a Syrian port.”  Israel has made it clear that this would be a serious provocation.

Is there more to this Iranian maneuver and the growing unrest across the Middle East?  There is currently an uprising in “stable” Bahrain as well as normally stable countries and at the same time Iran has decided to make a move.  One must pay attention to Bahrain, because the protests thee are not the same as other places.  Bahrain tends to be more open and free than other Arab countries.  There is only one issue, Bahrain is ruled by King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa a Sunni, yet the Shiites there are favorable to Iran.  Iran wants to unseat Al-Khalifa and replace him with a Shiite. Iran would then have control over the Persian Gulf at the same time the Suez becomes unstable.

Protesters that are serious about change need to understand that there are other forces looking to influence the outcome of these pro-democracy protests. One last thing to remember, the rulers of Iran believe that the 12th Imam is here and directing events across the Middle East.  All instability across the world will hasten final coming.  One who cares about a Middle East free of religious extremism and totalitarian rule needs to be wary about the outcome of these protests.