Electric Cars Coming to Israel

Battery Switch Station in Israel

Better Place, the Israel-based electric car company, released its pricing schedule in advance of its introduction of the world’s first nation-wide battery charging grid.

Entire Country Within Driving Range

The grid will be used to power-up Better Place’s electric cars, soon to go on the market. According to company press releases, the Better Place’s charging network will give total coverage to drivers of electric cars, allowing them to drive from one end to the country to the other in an electric powered vehicle with no limitations on their range.

Better Place is planning on deploying 40 Battery Switch Stations before the year’s end, and has already signed agreements with 400 parking lot owners all over the country to install thousands of ‘charge spots.’ In addition, the company has made deals with 27 municipalities across Israel to guarantee that there will charge spots easily accessible to customers at centralized locations within their cities.

“By the end of this year, the solution you see here will be visible across the country – giving drivers the freedom to drive zero emission, zero oil cars with the same convenience they enjoy today”, said Shai Agassi, Founder and CEO of Better Place. “This model, will serve as a template for countries around the world to replicate as they march down the path towards oil independence.”

Pricing is Affordable

On Tuesday Better Place released its pricing schedule and estimated cost for its flagship car called the Fluence Z.E. from the French car manufacturer Renault. The car is priced at 123,000 shekels, about $34,670.

The pricing for the electricity is dependent on how much driving the consumer engages in; the more miles driven, the less expensive per mile. The subscription rate for low-mileage users is 1,090 shekels per month ($310) for up to 12,000 miles/year. For high-mileage users the price is $450 for 20,000 miles/year. There will also be an unlimited usage package over the course of three years priced at 157,500 shekels ($44,530) for the three year period.

Expect Cars This August

Better Place says that the price schedule can save consumers as much as 20% in overall costs as compared with gas-powered vehicles. The Renault is due to go on sale beginning in August.