Yusuf Qaradawi vs. Mubarak

youssef qaradawiSo Egyptians have finally gotten the matchup they’ve been worrying about.  When the protests began two weeks ago in Tahir square they were made up of common Egyptians.  The attendees were fathers, mothers, students…deeply concerned people.  Of course there were Muslim Brotherhood members mixed in, but it was not official.  This revolution in Egypt was a broad based event.  This led to most media commentators pointing out the obvious that maybe the Muslim Brotherhood just isn’t the boogeyman Mubarak claimed they were.  Now we understand the true intentions of their tactics.

The Muslim Brotherhood has joined the talks with Mubarak’s government. Why?  They were not the ones to break their backs and receive the blows from Egyptian security forces.  The  common person did that for them.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s tactics have mirrored the  tactics used by the Islmacists in Iran during their revolution in 1979.  Use others to do your dirty work and slip into power of their broken backs. This is what the Arab world is witnessing now.  Already the Muslim Brotherhood is throwing a monkey wrench into the process.  In connection to the some of the steps and the statements the Mubarak regime has made in the last few days Abdel Monem Aboul Fotouh, a senior Brotherhood figure, said they represented “good intentions but does not include any solid changes.”  The other opposition groups understand the need to compromise to both effect serious change and keep Egypt stable.

The Muslim Brotherhood wants the conflict to continue to create an opening for control. In fact this is what their leader Youssef Qaradawi desires an outcome where the Muslim Bortherhood is in power in Egypt and thus an have global reach.  As much as Egyptians want to have Mubarak they need to make sure its done in an orderly fashion.