Yemini Opposition Leader Arrested, Demonstrators Tear Gassed

KarmanIn response to the arrest of woman activist Tawakul Abdel-Salam Karman, hundreds of students, lawmakers and activists took to the streets for the second day of protests in Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen. Yemini police arrested Karman for her role in leading anti-government demonstrations. Karman is a senior member of the opposition Isleh Party in Yemen, which represents the interests of Islamic fundamentalism.

Police arrested Karman early on Sunday, and since then have had to use tear gas and force to disperse the demonstrators, who are demanding her release. The Interior Minister Mouthar al-Masri spoke on state television on Sunday, calling on demonstrators to march and gather only within the limits of the law, adding that the protesters do indeed have the right to express their views, but only within the appropriate limits.