Wael Ghonim: I am no hero!

Agree or disagree with everything Wael Ghonim believs, the fact he left a cushy job and family to help organize the Egytian Uprising is impressive. The problem is really not Wael Ghonim, but the puppet masters stoking the flames he helped to ignite. Yes, he says the Muslim Brotherhood is not involve, but now it will be. Yes, he shows that El Baradei  is one of his heros on his Facebook page, yet El Baradei is nothing more than a stooge for the globalist CFR.

I admire Wael Ghonim and is if the world was filled with people like him, we would be better off, but people like Wael Ghonim have one serious flaw: They assume there are more people like them than there really are.  Unfortunately the Mubarak regime and the Muslim Brotherhood are awaiting the right time to sock it to each other and the globalists are clearly positioning someone to try to take Egypt further into their clutches.  All three sides are using Wael Ghonim and the Internet youth of the Egyptian revolution to piggy back into power.