Tracking Terror Through Search

The newly built site MyWebSearch Logs claims to be in possession of some very sensitive hard drives.  Now there is no way to confirm if this is correct, but the site run by Abida Ali (supposedly an ex ISI agent) claims that terrorists can be tracked using cached search information.  For example MyWebSearch Log claims the following:

One of the hard drives we scanned after an anti-terrorist op in Mandi Bahauddin was filled with searches  across local forums.  This particular person was interested in recruiting from locals in the Mandi Bahauddin district.  One must understand that to the east of Mandi Bahauddin is Kashmir, a very hotly contested piece of land between India and Pakistan, so he was hoping to benefit off of anti Hindu fervor.


He continues and names some Pakistani forums where the operatives were supposedly trying  to infiltrate in order to recruit locals.

Osama Bin Laden Hit Fuels New Conspiracy Theories

Whether or not MyWebSearch Logs is real, the fact that it popped up is an ominous sign in trying to figure out the next direction that Al-Qeida will take.  New Osama tribute sites were put immediately after his death was announced.  All of this information no matter its accuracy clouds the ability for the masses to know fact from fiction.

Assassination a Sign of Things to Come

One thing though is certain and that is the success of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden will fuel the desire for Barak Obama to launch more raids into Pakistani territory with or without their permission.