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Candidate Carson Visits Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan

In order to better acquaint himself with foreign policy, Ben Carson, retired pediatric neurosurgeon and Republican candidate for US president, toured refugee camps in Jordan. Carson was impressed with the camps, suggesting that these refuges be better funded so that they can support additional refugees until the conflict in Syria subsides and they can return… Continue Reading

Without US Support Arab States Wont Arm Syrian Rebels

Saudia Arabia and Qatar would like to arm rebel forces in Syria with heavier weapons, but without US support for such a move, they are reluctant to go ahead with their desire. Officials in Qatar and Saudi Arabia believe that more powerful arms could turn the tide of the present civil war in Syria in… Continue Reading

Syria Cracks Down on Rebels Near Turkish Border

Violence has stepped up a notch or two in Syria as the government continues to crackdown harshly on anti-government protestors across the country. One hundred people or more have already died just this past week in the Syrian regime’s attempts to suppress rebels in the face of growing concern and criticism within the international community.… Continue Reading

Syrian Protest Movement Calls For Foreign Intervention

In what analysts are calling a “dramatic departure” from the stated goals of the protests by dissidents in Syria over the past 5 months of confrontations with the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, activists are calling for ‘international protection’ for their cause. Two Videos Demand Protection Two amateur videos posted over the weekend on… Continue Reading

US-Syrian Relations Hurt by Attack on Embassy

Pro-Syrian government protestors attacked the US mission in Syria on Monday, breaking windows, writing graffiti which referred to the American ambassador as a dog, and raising the Syrian flag. These actions came in response to Ambassador Robert Ford’s unauthorized visit to Hama, where he was welcomed with flowers and olive branches on his car. Hama… Continue Reading

World Bank Takes Optimistic View towards Mideast Upheaval

Long Term Positive Prospects The World Bank released a report on Tuesday saying that despite the short-term downward movement of Middle Eastern and Northern African economies, in the long run the world can expect to see positive movement in that region. The report is the World Bank’s regional economic update for May 2011 for the… Continue Reading

Israel and Lebanon File Protests at UN Over Border Confrontation

Diplomats representing Lebanon and Israel at the United Nations formally submitted protests concerning the violent border clashes that took place between Israel, Lebanon and Syria on May 15, Nakba Day, this past Sunday. Nakba is Day of Catastrophe May 15th is the day the Arab world calls Nakba, the Arabic word for ‘catastrophe.’ The day… Continue Reading

Syrian Crackdown Results in 750 Deaths

  According to a human rights watch group, at least 750 people have perished so far in demonstrations, protests and unrest in Syria over the past seven weeks due to the violent reaction of government forces to the demonstrators. Obama Close to Demanding Assad’s Ouster Officials in the Obama administration are coming closer to calling… Continue Reading

Syria Sends Mixed Signals to Demonstrators in Homs

Protestors in Syria were subjected to a strong mixture of concessions with repression as government forces clamped down on demonstrators in Homs, Syria’s third largest city, leaving at least two dead on Tuesday. The demonstrators had rallied together to create one of Syria’s largest gatherings, an Egyptian-inspired sit-in at the city’s largest public square only… Continue Reading

Assad Appoints Safar to Assemble New Government in Syria

President Assad Appoints Adel Safar In order to help calm the violent atmosphere among protestors against the rule of President Bashar Assad of Syria, the president appointed Adel Safar, a former minister of agriculture, to put together a new government. This move is part of several attempts at reform on the part of Assad which… Continue Reading