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Gaddafi Succeeds in Fight for Sirte

Reversing gains made by rebels in the past several weeks after NATO forces gave air support to Libyan rebels; Gaddafi’s loyalist forces took Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown, in their continuing advance east, blocking the way of the rebels’ westward push. Rebels were forced back to Bin Jawad, a town which they had taken on Monday, and… Continue Reading

News from Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Libyan Rebels Retake Brega With air support from the United States and its allies Libyan rebels have made major progress across Libya—taking the centrally located city of Ajdabiya, recapturing the eastern city of Brega and making steady advances towards the important oil depot of Ras Lanuf. Warplanes from the west have been bombarding the strongholds… Continue Reading

Gold Rises as Turmoil in Libya Continues

Air Strikes Shaking Tripoli and Economy In response to the air strikes on Libya from the west, oil prices are rising as well as the price of gold. Economists are worried that inflation will set in as gold becomes a safe bet for investors concerned that Mideast tensions will not resolve as quickly as first… Continue Reading

Rocket Stoves Fueling Libyan Rebellion?

As NATO debates involving itself in the burgeoning Civil War in Libya, many are wondering how the rebels are supporting their cause when it comes to eating.  As fighting can take its toll on appliances such as ovens and stoves as well as the impossibility of using conventional means to feed a growing citizen based… Continue Reading

Black African Migrant Workers Forced to Fight for Gaddafi

It is now being reported that troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi are grabbing black African migrant workers in Libya and forcing them to fight against the anti-Gaddafi rebels. This latest information is being reported to the Reuters news-wire from a refugee camp in Tunisia where many of these young African men who have managed to… Continue Reading

Gaddafi’s Hidden Arms Now in Hands of Rebels

For 41 years Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been secreting away weapons in underground bunkers in the city of Benghazi. But these were not weapons meant for Gaddafi’s regular army, which the eccentric dictator never trusted, but rather for Gaddafi’s Special Forces used mostly to oppress his own people. Rebels In Control Now the tables have… Continue Reading

Has Gaddafi Gone Mad?

The Answer to the title of the post is that Muammar Gaddafi has been certifiable for some time. As he was quoted as saying that his people love him, its as if Gaddafi lives in an alternate reality, yet there maybe some truth to his words.  If by “his people” he means his clan, Gaddafi… Continue Reading

Ghost of King Idris Fighting Gaddafi in Libya

In case you might have missed the news Libya has moved from Civil Unrest to a state of Civil War.  As “protesters” took control of Benghazi yesterday, Libyan air force jets bombed civilian targets in Tripoli as well as sniping protesters from rooftops.  There have been some serious defections from the Gaddafi regime as two… Continue Reading

Benghazi Death Toll Soars as Protesters Lose Their Fear

Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader for more than 40 years, was never well-liked in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, where very little of the county’s oil wealth has been felt. But fear of Gaddafi has always kept the population there docile, that is, until the general unrest which has been spreading throughout the Arab… Continue Reading