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Blair Blasted as Biased Quartet Envoy

The former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is being accused of “parroting” the same demands as Israel is making, de-legitimizing his role as unbiased mediator in the eyes of the leadership in Palestine. Blair Disappoints Palestinians One senior Palestinian leader, Nabil Shaath, has stated that Palestinian officials seriously considered whether or not to make a… Continue Reading

Ofer Group Private Equity Group & Ofer Group Investments

The Ofer Private Equity Group is part of the larger Ofer Group owned by the Ofer Brothers.  Established in 2006, they started to maximize the experience that was had by the Ofer Hi-Tech management team.  They have, to date, had three successful exits with ECI Telecom, Tecnomatix and Pharmos.  They are part of the controlling… Continue Reading

Electric Cars Coming to Israel

Better Place, the Israel-based electric car company, released its pricing schedule in advance of its introduction of the world’s first nation-wide battery charging grid. Entire Country Within Driving Range The grid will be used to power-up Better Place’s electric cars, soon to go on the market. According to company press releases, the Better Place’s charging… Continue Reading

Israel and Lebanon File Protests at UN Over Border Confrontation

Diplomats representing Lebanon and Israel at the United Nations formally submitted protests concerning the violent border clashes that took place between Israel, Lebanon and Syria on May 15, Nakba Day, this past Sunday. Nakba is Day of Catastrophe May 15th is the day the Arab world calls Nakba, the Arabic word for ‘catastrophe.’ The day… Continue Reading

Abu Sisi Indicted in Beersheva Court for Rocket Attacks from Gaza

Dirar Abu Sisi the 42 year-old engineer who was arrested by Israel while traveling in the Ukraine, was indicted yesterday in an Israeli court for being a member of Hamas and for designing rockets for the Islamist group’s military branch. Indictment for Rocket Manufacture and Membership in Hamas The official summary of the court indictment,… Continue Reading

Israel Approves New Construction in Wake of Massacre

Reports that at least 30,000 people were in attendance at the funeral of five members of the Fogel family, who were brutally murdered on Friday night while asleep in their beds. According to the Israeli army, two terrorists entered the town of Itamar, not far from Nablus, at about 10:30pm. The first house they entered… Continue Reading

What Does Article 151 in the New Egyptian Constitution Mean?

Perhaps one of the outcomes of the Egyptian revolt that interests both Western observers and of course Israel is whether a new government will honor the Peace Treaty Anwar Sadat signed with Israel.  The current leaders of the Military Council have made it clear that they will continue to honor all treaties, including Egypt’s treaty… Continue Reading

South Sudan Discusses Diplomatic Relations with Israel

On the cusp of becoming and independent nation, Africa’s newest nation of South Sudan is planning to establish diplomatic relations with the Jewish State of Israel. The declaration of independence is expected to occur this coming July, and in anticipation of that day the head of a delegation of South Sudanese, Suleiman Alhariri, invited Deputy… Continue Reading

The Coming Middle Eastern War

Whether you are a conspiracy buff or not, one cannot dismiss as a mere “coincidence” that Iranian Warships are sailing through the Suez Canal. No one can know either how this expectant naval collision between Israel and Iran is going to progress nor the countless uprisings across the Middle East.  No matter what, it is… Continue Reading