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Iran Enriching Uranium in Isolated Mountain Bunker

According to a spokeswoman for the International Atomic Energy Agency, it has been confirmed that Iran is now enriching uranium at a new location in a mountain bunker, a setting which is difficult to strike in an attack. “The IAEA can confirm that Iran has started the production of uranium enriched up to 20 percent…… Continue Reading

Iran Displays Sajjil Missile During Military Parade

The 31st anniversary of the commencement of the Iraq-Iran war was marked last week with a spectacular military parade complete with a display of Iran’s growing arsenal of short and medium range ballistic missiles. The solid-fuel Sajjil was brought back for another year, after its parading last year was such a success. The Sajjil missile… Continue Reading

Public Hanging Routine in Iran

Second Highest Number of Executions in the World Iran has the dubious title of second in the world in carrying out executions of criminals; only China has more. On Tuesday this week a murderer was hung in one of Tehran’s main squares, bringing this year’s number of executions to201, but it is believed that Iran… Continue Reading

Iranian Forces Kill Two Kurdish Civilians in Rebel Town in Iraq

Iranian forces have killed at least two people and wounded three others during a cross-border bombardment of Sidkan, a Kurdish town in Iraq. Sidkan is located about twenty kilometers from the Iraqi border with Iran and is located within the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of Irbil province. The mayor of Sidkan, Ahmed Qadir reported on Monday… Continue Reading

Iran Protests Presence of Saudi Troops in Bahrain

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mahmanparast voiced his country’s displeasure with the arrival of 1,000 Saudi troops on the soil of the island nation of Bahrain on Monday. “The presence of foreign forces and interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs is unacceptable and will further complicate the issue,” the foreign minister stated during his weekly news… Continue Reading

The Coming Middle Eastern War

Whether you are a conspiracy buff or not, one cannot dismiss as a mere “coincidence” that Iranian Warships are sailing through the Suez Canal. No one can know either how this expectant naval collision between Israel and Iran is going to progress nor the countless uprisings across the Middle East.  No matter what, it is… Continue Reading

Iranian Inspired Revolts

While riots have spread throughout the Middle East and what was once a movement for pro-democracy movement, yet now taken over by foreign interests and radical Islamic groups, Iranian warships are awaiting Egyptian approval to move through the Suez canal in order to “dock at a Syrian port.”  Israel has made it clear that this… Continue Reading

Arab Unrest Explodes in Iran

With the help of the internet and opposition websites such as Saham News and Kaleme, tens of thousands of protesters organized and marched down Revolution Boulevard towards Azadi Square in Teheran on Monday before they were violently dispersed by security forces that used batons and tear gas to do the job over most of the… Continue Reading