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Zahi Hawass: Epitome of Egyptian Corruption

As this article is being written there is a tank positioned in front of the Egyptian office of Antiquities. Why? To protect the Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass.  The crowds in front of the building are made up of the same sort of people who drove Hosni Mubarak from power and they are going for… Continue Reading

Arab Unrest Explodes in Iran

With the help of the internet and opposition websites such as Saham News and Kaleme, tens of thousands of protesters organized and marched down Revolution Boulevard towards Azadi Square in Teheran on Monday before they were violently dispersed by security forces that used batons and tear gas to do the job over most of the… Continue Reading

Mubarak Isn’t Going Anywhere

Well the speech is done and the expected resignation was never given.  The protesters in Tahir Square have begun scream and boo and the energy is now tense as a Hosni Mubarak decided to flout world pressure and the masses of people in Egypt. Yes he said he would hand power over to his VP,… Continue Reading

American Warships in the Suez Canal

Many people are wondering why the USA has sent warships to the Suez Canal. The official line from the American government is that the warships are there as a preparation in case an evacuation of Americans are necessary, yet many people are wondering if the USA is actually contemplating military intervention, which of course they… Continue Reading

Yusuf Qaradawi vs. Mubarak

So Egyptians have finally gotten the matchup they’ve been worrying about.  When the protests began two weeks ago in Tahir square they were made up of common Egyptians.  The attendees were fathers, mothers, students…deeply concerned people.  Of course there were Muslim Brotherhood members mixed in, but it was not official.  This revolution in Egypt was… Continue Reading

Is El Baradei An Insider?

The following sounds like a plot to a movie and yet it really seems true. I hate to fan the flames of conspiracy within the opposition movement in Egypt and of course by doing so the rest of the Arab world, but I have been doing some mild research with exactly who Mohamed El Baradei… Continue Reading

Live Coverage From Tahir Square

Here is a link to live coverage on Aljazeera from Tahir square where a giant demonstration called “million man march.” It is increasingly a tense situation in Cairo and throughout Egypt as opposition parties seem to have united behind Mohamed Elbaradei for the time being. Protesters have demanded that Mubarak step down. The fall of… Continue Reading

Is Assad in Denial Concerning His Job Security?

As activists in Tunisia inspired the protestors in Egypt, so too will Egyptian demonstrations motivate rebellion in Syria. The truth behind this piece of street wisdom is far from clear, with analysts saying that quite the opposite is closer to the reality.  Certainly Syrian President Assad feels confident that his people are satisfied with his… Continue Reading

Syria Shuts Down Internet as Fear of Internal Unrest Rises

As unrest in Arab countries continues to spread from Tunisia to Egypt, governments are cracking down on one of the chief ways activists have been organizing their protests, and that is by shutting down the internet.  Syria joined Egypt in disrupting its internet service as a pre-emptive action. By such a move the Syrian leadership… Continue Reading

As Chaos Spreads In Egypt…

Chaos spread throughout Egypt during the weekend with businessmen connected to Mubarak fleeing the country. Rumors reached Egyptians that Mubarak was hiding in Sharm el Sheikh. The Egyptian Army has been deployed, yet most soldiers have been seen allowing protesters o continue demonstrating. Continue Reading