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Syrian Crackdown Results in 750 Deaths

  According to a human rights watch group, at least 750 people have perished so far in demonstrations, protests and unrest in Syria over the past seven weeks due to the violent reaction of government forces to the demonstrators. Obama Close to Demanding Assad’s Ouster Officials in the Obama administration are coming closer to calling… Continue Reading

Assad Appoints Safar to Assemble New Government in Syria

President Assad Appoints Adel Safar In order to help calm the violent atmosphere among protestors against the rule of President Bashar Assad of Syria, the president appointed Adel Safar, a former minister of agriculture, to put together a new government. This move is part of several attempts at reform on the part of Assad which… Continue Reading

Is Assad in Denial Concerning His Job Security?

As activists in Tunisia inspired the protestors in Egypt, so too will Egyptian demonstrations motivate rebellion in Syria. The truth behind this piece of street wisdom is far from clear, with analysts saying that quite the opposite is closer to the reality.  Certainly Syrian President Assad feels confident that his people are satisfied with his… Continue Reading