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US Kills Osama bin Laden after Ten Year Manhunt

After what amounted to a ten years long manhunt, Osama bin Laden was found and killed early on Monday morning, local time, in Abbottobad, Pakistan, by a small group of US military forces. Obama Announces Death to Americans President Barak Obama made the announcement on Sunday evening in the US, interrupting regularly scheduled broadcasts, saying… Continue Reading

Unmanned Drone Fires Deadly Missiles at al-Qaida

US Hits Taliban and Al-Qaida Targets The US is reported to have fired two pairs of missiles at a compound in northwestern Pakistan last Thursday. The missiles were fired from an unmanned aircraft at targets where a meeting was being held of about 40 militants who were most likely members of al-Qaida and the Taliban.… Continue Reading

Iran seeking greater percent of Int’l Gas Market

Asqar Soheilipour, An Iranian oil official, declared that Iran is taking steps to increase its percentage of the international, natural gas trade. Along with an increase in natural gas production, infrastructure will be expanded for this greater role in natural gas trading. The Iranian National Gas Company has concluded agreements to export gas to both… Continue Reading