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Tracking Terror Through Search

The newly built site MyWebSearch Logs claims to be in possession of some very sensitive hard drives.  Now there is no way to confirm if this is correct, but the site run by Abida Ali (supposedly an ex ISI agent) claims that terrorists can be tracked using cached search information.  For example MyWebSearch Log claims… Continue Reading

Hamas Ends Salafist Protest in Gaza City

Salafists- Islamists who are more conservative than Hamas- staged a protest in the Hamas-led Gaza strip on Saturday carrying posters of Osama bin Laden and chanting “We warn you America, we warn you Europe!” Hamas Stops Salafist Demonstration Hamas broke up the gathering of dozens of Salafists who were denouncing the raid by US forces… Continue Reading

Reaction to bin Laden Slaying Mixed in Middle East

As the Middle East continues to deal with instability and changing political realities a new element has been added into the mixture, with unclear results. The news of the death of Osama bin Laden was met with a large variety of responses from Middle East observers; from shock and anger, to satisfaction and delight. Saudi… Continue Reading

US Kills Osama bin Laden after Ten Year Manhunt

After what amounted to a ten years long manhunt, Osama bin Laden was found and killed early on Monday morning, local time, in Abbottobad, Pakistan, by a small group of US military forces. Obama Announces Death to Americans President Barak Obama made the announcement on Sunday evening in the US, interrupting regularly scheduled broadcasts, saying… Continue Reading