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Gulf States Show Interest in Afghan Oil and Mining Sector

Afghan Minister of Mining Wahidullah Shahrani said last Tuesday that his country is preparing to accommodate foreign investments in mining, oil and gas, including counterpart companies from the Gulf Cooperation states. “We have been communicating with Kuwait Energy and calls are being made with Emaar Mining (United Arab Emirates) and Maaden (Saudi Arabia). Both the… Continue Reading

Gulf State Markets Continue to Rise

Regardless of the news or violence and tension coming out of the greater Middle East region, trading on the Gulf State Arab markets seem to be doing just fine, if the new highs reached last week can be any indication. Saudi Arabia companies posted positive first quarter earnings pushing the markets up, while the petrochemical… Continue Reading

Gold Rises as Turmoil in Libya Continues

Air Strikes Shaking Tripoli and Economy In response to the air strikes on Libya from the west, oil prices are rising as well as the price of gold. Economists are worried that inflation will set in as gold becomes a safe bet for investors concerned that Mideast tensions will not resolve as quickly as first… Continue Reading