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Muslim Brotherhood Gets Active

First of all, in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is making a noise about the involvement of the military vis-à-vis the writing of a new constitution.  Secondly, the same organization is getting busy with the provision of free meals to the poor each night for the month of Ramadan. It used to be – in the… Continue Reading

Jordanian Reform Faces Opposition

Despite the efforts of King Abdullah of Jordan to move his country to a more democratic system of government, opposition groups, especially Islamists who are the largest and best organized of the opposition, would like to see a faster time-table for change. King Appoints Panel to Discuss Reforms King Abdullah appointed a panel last week… Continue Reading

What Does Article 151 in the New Egyptian Constitution Mean?

Perhaps one of the outcomes of the Egyptian revolt that interests both Western observers and of course Israel is whether a new government will honor the Peace Treaty Anwar Sadat signed with Israel.  The current leaders of the Military Council have made it clear that they will continue to honor all treaties, including Egypt’s treaty… Continue Reading

Wael Ghonim: I am no hero!

Agree or disagree with everything Wael Ghonim believs, the fact he left a cushy job and family to help organize the Egytian Uprising is impressive. The problem is really not Wael Ghonim, but the puppet masters stoking the flames he helped to ignite. Yes, he says the Muslim Brotherhood is not involve, but now it… Continue Reading

Is El Baradei An Insider?

The following sounds like a plot to a movie and yet it really seems true. I hate to fan the flames of conspiracy within the opposition movement in Egypt and of course by doing so the rest of the Arab world, but I have been doing some mild research with exactly who Mohamed El Baradei… Continue Reading