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Mahmoud Abbas: Supports Egyptian Dictatorship

Tayeb Abdel-Rahim spokesman for PA President Mahmoud Abbas was quoted as saying, “the protesters in Egypt have suspicious allegiances and are conspiring against the regime and hope to undermine Egypt’s leading role.”  It has been clear from various PA statements since the January 25th Revolution in Egypt began that PA President Mahmoud Abbas has supported… Continue Reading

Wael Ghonim: I am no hero!

Agree or disagree with everything Wael Ghonim believs, the fact he left a cushy job and family to help organize the Egytian Uprising is impressive. The problem is really not Wael Ghonim, but the puppet masters stoking the flames he helped to ignite. Yes, he says the Muslim Brotherhood is not involve, but now it… Continue Reading

Is El Baradei An Insider?

The following sounds like a plot to a movie and yet it really seems true. I hate to fan the flames of conspiracy within the opposition movement in Egypt and of course by doing so the rest of the Arab world, but I have been doing some mild research with exactly who Mohamed El Baradei… Continue Reading