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US Companies Planning Trade Mission to Middle East

The Mississippi Development Authority is planning a trade mission to the Middle East at the end of March for a at least 15 companies looking to expand their businesses to countries in the region ready to establish new partnerships. The mission will be visiting Jordan and Dubai, said MDA Executive Director Glenn McCullough Jr. He… Continue Reading

Candidate Carson Visits Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan

In order to better acquaint himself with foreign policy, Ben Carson, retired pediatric neurosurgeon and Republican candidate for US president, toured refugee camps in Jordan. Carson was impressed with the camps, suggesting that these refuges be better funded so that they can support additional refugees until the conflict in Syria subsides and they can return… Continue Reading

Amman Building Receives Green Recognition

The Amman offices of the World Health Organization of the United Nations, a four story office building known as the WHO building, is the first building in Jordan, as well as the region, to receive the coveted Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification V2.2. The building is situated in the business district of… Continue Reading

HSBC Planning Job Cuts in Six Middle Eastern Countries

Beginning of Major Lay-Off Plan The bank which calls itself “The World’s Local Bank,” HSBC, has decided to lay-off at least 200 employees in six countries in the Middle East. The job cut of 200 in the region is just the beginning of a major reduction in worldwide employees reaching as many as 30,000 cuts… Continue Reading

Stalled Mega Projects Harming Jordanian Contractors

President of the Jordan Construction Contractors Association (JCCA), Ahmad Tarawneh has expressed his concern that developers of giant building projects throughout Jordan will renege on their financial obligations to pay contractors for work they were contracted to do. Contractors Owed JD 200million If dues from public sector institutions are factored in, then the amount of… Continue Reading

Jordanian Reform Faces Opposition

Despite the efforts of King Abdullah of Jordan to move his country to a more democratic system of government, opposition groups, especially Islamists who are the largest and best organized of the opposition, would like to see a faster time-table for change. King Appoints Panel to Discuss Reforms King Abdullah appointed a panel last week… Continue Reading

Japan Prepares To Build Middle Eastern Nuclear Power Plants

Japan is working hard to beat out China and Korea in bids to build civilian nuclear power plants in the Middle East. Tokyo is supporting Japanese firms to get contracts in the Middle East. The Japanese expect many nuclear power plants to be built due to increased electric demand because of population growth. The first… Continue Reading