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Asiacell Names Amer al-Sunna New Chief Executive

Iraq’s second largest telecommunications company, Asiacell, recently announced the name of its new chief executive, Amer al-Sunna. Asiacell’s parent company, Ooredoo made the announcement in a statement released on Monday. Sunna has experience already working for Ooredoo groups in the Philippines as well as in Jordan. Last February he joined Asiacell as its managing director.… Continue Reading

Dana Gas Posts Profits for Third Quarter of 2011

Dana Gas PJSC announced its financial outcome for the fiscal quarter which ended on September 30th 2011. Dana Gas is an incorporated company in the Emirate of Sharjah of the UAE and is the largest private sector natural gas company in the region. Impressive Results The results for the third quarter of 2011 are impressive:… Continue Reading

Double Attack Thwarted by Troops in Iraq

Three attackers and as many as 14 others were killed on Monday when Iraqi troops recaptured a government compound and police station in Anbar province, about 120 miles west of Baghdad. The attack began in Baghdadi when two bombers detonated an explosive device outside a government compound, while others attackers stormed the compound disguised in… Continue Reading

Iran Displays Sajjil Missile During Military Parade

The 31st anniversary of the commencement of the Iraq-Iran war was marked last week with a spectacular military parade complete with a display of Iran’s growing arsenal of short and medium range ballistic missiles. The solid-fuel Sajjil was brought back for another year, after its parading last year was such a success. The Sajjil missile… Continue Reading

Iranian Forces Kill Two Kurdish Civilians in Rebel Town in Iraq

Iranian forces have killed at least two people and wounded three others during a cross-border bombardment of Sidkan, a Kurdish town in Iraq. Sidkan is located about twenty kilometers from the Iraqi border with Iran and is located within the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of Irbil province. The mayor of Sidkan, Ahmed Qadir reported on Monday… Continue Reading

Six More Shiites Die In Bagdad Bomb Attack

In Baghdad on Monday a car bomb exploded, killing six pilgrims. This is just the latest deadly attack committed against Shiite Muslims who are on their way to perform religious rituals in the Iraqi city, considered holy by many, stated police and hospital officials. In addition to the 6 dead, 13 others were wounded in… Continue Reading

Iraq to Seek Bids To Construct Ten Ships

The Iraqi Transportation Ministry will invite foreign companies to enter bids in March to construct to ten ships. These will include container and bulk cargo vessels, costing approximately $110 million. The head of the government owned ocean transport company, Ismat Amer, stated that Iraq began rebuilding its ocean fleet in 2009. In September, Iraq signed… Continue Reading

Iran Conducts War Games in Secret Near Iraqi Border

In a distinctly out-of-character display of silence, Iran has quietly been conducting war games along the border with Iraq without fanfare or announcement. Iran announced the conclusion of their military maneuvers, in contrast to their usual display of bravado of giving extensive publicity to military exercises mostly designed to show off weapons systems. It has… Continue Reading