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Muslim Brotherhood Gets Active

First of all, in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is making a noise about the involvement of the military vis-à-vis the writing of a new constitution.  Secondly, the same organization is getting busy with the provision of free meals to the poor each night for the month of Ramadan. It used to be – in the… Continue Reading

Depressed Mubarak Awaits Trial

Depressed Mubarak Awaits Trial The former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak is depressed.  In addition, according to Egypt’s official news agency, the man is physically weak and refuses to eat any solid food.  His depression is probably at least somewhat fueled by the fact that later this week he will be standing trial for ordering… Continue Reading

Hosni Mubarak in a Coma in Sharm el-Sheikh

Heart Attack The 83-year-old former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, is said to have suffered a heart attack and lapsed into a coma in the Red Sea Resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh. President Mubarak has been under arrest in the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula desert ever since his ouster from power during the… Continue Reading

Egypt to Borrow $4 Billion from Saudi Arabia

Tantawi Announces Loan from Saudi Allies Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi of Egypt told the official Egyptian press agency, MENA on Saturday that Saudi Arabia will lend Egypt emergency monies in the amount of $4 billion. Tantawi, who is the head of Egypt’s ruling military council said, “The $4bn will be distributed in the form… Continue Reading

Mubarak Blamed for Deaths During Revolution

A new investigation by the Egyptian government into who bears responsibility for the bloodshed and violence during the three-week long revolution which took place in Egypt last February points an incriminating finger at then President Hosni Mubarak as being at least partly responsible for the approximately 846 deaths which occurred during the uprising. The investigation… Continue Reading

Mubarak Quakes Under Questioning

Hosni Mubarak ended up in hospital which took him away from being questioned as he was “suffering heart problems.” He was being probed about the protesters who were killed along with his own alleged public funds embezzlement. Mubarak’s two sons (Gamal and Alaa) were also being questioned for corruption and then detained for 15 days.… Continue Reading

Unrest in Egypt Continues While Sudan Strengthens Ties There

Nearly a month after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, violence escalated once again on Tuesday as Christians and Muslims fought each other in the capital city of Cairo.  Thousands of Christians gathered in two separate locations in Cairo to protest what they perceive as persecution and discrimination by the country’s Muslim majority.… Continue Reading

Arab Unrest Explodes in Iran

With the help of the internet and opposition websites such as Saham News and Kaleme, tens of thousands of protesters organized and marched down Revolution Boulevard towards Azadi Square in Teheran on Monday before they were violently dispersed by security forces that used batons and tear gas to do the job over most of the… Continue Reading

Mubarak Isn’t Going Anywhere

Well the speech is done and the expected resignation was never given.  The protesters in Tahir Square have begun scream and boo and the energy is now tense as a Hosni Mubarak decided to flout world pressure and the masses of people in Egypt. Yes he said he would hand power over to his VP,… Continue Reading