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NATO Strikes Tripoli in Support of Rebel Attacks

Muammar Gaddafi Libya is once again under attack from NATO air forces as Tripoli was bombarded with air strikes on Sunday. As Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi called the latest attacks on his regime “a colonial plot,” bombs fell on military targets throughout the country’s capital. “In Tripoli there were two command and control nodes,… Continue Reading

Libya Claims NATO Airstrike Hits Residential Neighborhood

Reports from Libya claim that a NATO conducted airstrike hit a residential area in Tripoli early on Sunday, killing at least four civilians, including two children. NATO Denies Targets Civilians NATO has repeatedly denied targeting non-military areas for their airstrikes, and at the moment the charges that NATO did hit a non-military target have not… Continue Reading

NATO Should Increase Pressure on Gaddafi Says UK General

General Sir David Richards, British Armed Forces chief expressed his belief that NATO must begin direct attacks against the foundations of the regime that are propping up Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. UN Allows for All Necessary Measures The Security Council resolution of the United Nations allowed for “all necessary measures” to be utilized in… Continue Reading