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Syria Cracks Down on Rebels Near Turkish Border

Violence has stepped up a notch or two in Syria as the government continues to crackdown harshly on anti-government protestors across the country. One hundred people or more have already died just this past week in the Syrian regime’s attempts to suppress rebels in the face of growing concern and criticism within the international community.… Continue Reading

Syrian Protest Movement Calls For Foreign Intervention

In what analysts are calling a “dramatic departure” from the stated goals of the protests by dissidents in Syria over the past 5 months of confrontations with the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, activists are calling for ‘international protection’ for their cause. Two Videos Demand Protection Two amateur videos posted over the weekend on… Continue Reading

US-Syrian Relations Hurt by Attack on Embassy

Pro-Syrian government protestors attacked the US mission in Syria on Monday, breaking windows, writing graffiti which referred to the American ambassador as a dog, and raising the Syrian flag. These actions came in response to Ambassador Robert Ford’s unauthorized visit to Hama, where he was welcomed with flowers and olive branches on his car. Hama… Continue Reading

Gaddafi Succeeds in Fight for Sirte

Reversing gains made by rebels in the past several weeks after NATO forces gave air support to Libyan rebels; Gaddafi’s loyalist forces took Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown, in their continuing advance east, blocking the way of the rebels’ westward push. Rebels were forced back to Bin Jawad, a town which they had taken on Monday, and… Continue Reading