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Saleh Sails Away

Ali Abdullah Saleh was released from hospital yesterday.  He was there for over 2 months, following the bombing of Sanaa, his official residence.  He will not be returning there but will stay in Riyadh. It is intended that this will be a temporary stop for him, as he continues his recuperation. Saleh has had a… Continue Reading

Yemen in Turmoil After President Injured

Yemini President Saleh Injured On June 3rd the president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh was seriously injured in what appears to have been a bombing on the presidential palace. The following day Saleh, aged 69, was evacuated from the capital of Yemen, Sanaa, and transported to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. He apparently suffered critical… Continue Reading

Gaddafi Succeeds in Fight for Sirte

Reversing gains made by rebels in the past several weeks after NATO forces gave air support to Libyan rebels; Gaddafi’s loyalist forces took Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown, in their continuing advance east, blocking the way of the rebels’ westward push. Rebels were forced back to Bin Jawad, a town which they had taken on Monday, and… Continue Reading