Second Edition of MEMAD Taking Place In Abu Dhabi This Week

MemadThe second edition of the Middle East Missile and Air Defense Symposium opened on Sunday, December 5th, 2010 at the Armed Forces Officers’ Club in Abu Dhabi. The Institute of Near East and Gulf Military Analysis launched the symposium under the patronage of the Armed Forces General Headquarters in partnership with the UAE Air Force and Air Defense.

Attended by many diplomats, military and political leaders from the Gulf region and elsewhere the symposium is scheduled to last two days.

Sunday’s program included an opening session and two plenary sessions with speakers from the UAE Armed Forces, the CEO of INEGMA and General Mattis of the US Central Command (CENTCOM.)
Monday’s sessions included the following subjects: ‘UAE Network Enabled Capability: A Local Solution to a Global Problem’, ‘Adapting to Seize the Opportunities of Technology’, ‘Reducing Risks and Consequences with the Deployment of Theatre Ballistic Missile Defense’, ‘Consolidating Extended Low Tier Air Defense’.