Saudi Arabia Set to Explode

King Abdullah of Saudi ArabiaAll eyes are turning to Saudi Arabia as its “Day of Rage” is set to begin tomorrow.  This of course is what Mideast commentators refer to as the big one.  Saudi Arabia supplies the world with 40% of its oil and so if its ground begins to rumble with similar protests as we’ve seen sweeping the Arab world the past few weeks, global oil prices will rise significantly.

Shiite Influence Stirs the Pot

The Saudi Kingdom has smartly increased the amount of handouts to its  populace, yet it seems to be stumbling to find the right medium to allow its populace to vent their frustration without letting the protests boil over into a full blown uprising.  Already groups such as the Jeddah Youth for Change have passed out flyers to citizens in the Red Sea port city urging them to participate in the Day of Anger demonstrations.

The House of Saud is well aware that the protests are being organized from outside the Kingdom and are focused towards the oil provinces where its %15 Shiite populace is centered. Despite this the protests are set to be far more wide raging as protest leaders are aiming to unite the broad Saudi populace with it’s Shiite minority.

What About My Oil?

The question remains and as Gaddafi battles the rebel elements in Libya, one has to ask how this will affect the world and especially the Western World in connection to energy prices.  The forces of change are sweeping fast and as America has positioned its navy off the cost of Tripoli, it’s Fifth Fleet is docked in Bahrain well aware of what may happen if the forces of Radicalism sweep across the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.