Rocket Stoves Fueling Libyan Rebellion?

StoveTec and Berkley Air Monitoring Group aiding Libyan RebelsAs NATO debates involving itself in the burgeoning Civil War in Libya, many are wondering how the rebels are supporting their cause when it comes to eating.  As fighting can take its toll on appliances such as ovens and stoves as well as the impossibility of using conventional means to feed a growing citizen based army, Rocket Stoves have offered the rebels a way of dishing out food to the many thousands working to overthrow the Gaddafi regime.

StoveTec Aiding the Rebels?

For those who do not know what a Rocket Stove is, they have been used in soup kitchens and refugee camps around the world. Made out of metal barrels and fueled by wood or coal, they provide an easy solution to a poor refugee or a hungry rebel army. Now, with sustainability projects around the world, companies like StoveTec have offered a manufactured Rocket Stove for needy populations around the world.  These Rocket Stoves have found their way around the world and are clearly being used by insurgents as well as the broader populace in many developing countries.  Organizations like Berkley Air Monitoring Group help to distribute StoveTec to areas in Africa and the Near East.

Rocket Stoves Prolonging Conflict

With food supplies strong in part aided by alternative cooking techniques like Rocket Stoves and three stone fires, rebels have been able to remain vigilant int he face of superior air power.  The longer the war goes on, the hopes rise with those in Benghazi that NATO will enter the fray on their behalf.