Robots in Abu Dhabi Part II

Jorien Guijs, the marketing manager for PAL Robotics is excited about the future of his company.

“To be able to deliver these robots to ADNEC, and other future clients, we are building a factory in Abu Dhabi. If all goes according to plan, the factory will be ready by the second half of 2012, producing about a dozen of robots a month.”

Guijs added his expectations about marketing REEM.

“At the moment REEM is prepared for use at exhibition centers and shopping malls. In the future we will focus as well on the healthcare sector, airports, museums and other public spaces.”

REEM is classified as a humanoid robot. It is able to navigate autonomously, it has a touch screen to deliver tasks and other commands, and the developer claims that REEM can walk itself through any type of environment and therefore has the potential ability to replace low-skilled workers in the marketplace.

The robot can also be used as a guide with the ability to track faces. REEM has other recognition functions, and a small flat space which can be used to transport small objects such as luggage, food, and more. The built-in lithium battery gives about 8 hours of use, and then can be recharged.

The expected price for each REEM humanoid robot is expected to be about $269,157, dependent on the demand.