Public Hanging Routine in Iran

Second Highest Number of Executions in the World

Iran has the dubious title of second in the world in carrying out executions of criminals; only China has more.

On Tuesday this week a murderer was hung in one of Tehran’s main squares, bringing this year’s number of executions to201, but it is believed that Iran does not disclose all the executions they administer. Iran admits to having executed 179 criminals in 2010, but international human rights groups believe that many more actually took place.

Killed Doctor in Revenge for Mother’s Death

This week’s hanging was of convicted murderer Sajad Karimi, who, according to his own confession, shot a physician while he was walking outside his office in a highly populated eastern neighborhood of Tehran. The crime took place about one year ago, after Karimi planned to take revenge on the cardiologist and university lecturer, who was Karimi’s mother’s heart surgeon. Apparently Karimi blamed the doctor for his mother’s death.

Before being led to the gallows Karimi stated that,

“I believed the doctor made a mistake.”

Death Sentence Keeps Law and Order

Spokesmen in Tehran say that the death penalty is an essential part of their judicial system which helps to maintain law and order. They said that executions are only carried out after intensive investigation and judicial proceedings.

Murder is not the only crime punishable by death in Iran. Rape, armed robbery, drug trafficking and adultery are just a few of the crimes which can have an execution applied.