Oman Discussing Power Rationing for Summer

Oman MEDC Wants to See More Electricity Savings This Summer
Oman MEDC Wants to See More Electricity Savings This Summer

Corporate Communication Specialist Zahran Zahir Al Ruqeishi of the Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) said, “The need (for rationing) is not just from the ‘saving money’ point of view, but also due to environmental factors.”

Al Ruqeishi emphasized that consumers are for the most part unaware that the indiscriminate use of electricity leads to exorbitant utility bills.

“To remain comfortable indoors during summer, consumers run air conditioners and other electrical appliances continuously, without considering and incorporating any energy savings tips,” said Al Ruqeishi.

The CC specialist mentioned a few practical ways to reduce electric bills:

“For instance, these days many are opting for split air conditioning, instead of window air conditioning. While air conditioner accumulates dust, people often forget to clean the filter or maintain the unit periodically. This is when the efficiency of air conditioner goes down. So when cooling is reduced, the user keeps it running continuously to feel comfortable.

“What happens is because it is not cooling enough, the automatic thermostat does not signal off and the unit keeps working continuously. This is the reason why it is important to get a professional agency to service the unit. It is also vital that you don’t allow non-professionals to just pour water on it, on the pretext of cleaning. This could lead to an electric shock,” he said.

Al Ruqeishi also explained that, “As a distribution and supply company, our revenue is based on the customer’s consumption, so the more you consume the better for us. But we care about the environment and urge consumers to save energy.”