Mubarak Blamed for Deaths During Revolution

A new investigation by the Egyptian government into who bears responsibility for the bloodshed and violence during the three-week long revolution which took place in Egypt last February points an incriminating finger at then President Hosni Mubarak as being at least partly responsible for the approximately 846 deaths which occurred during the uprising.
The investigation describes a reaction to demonstrations which utilized snipers, thugs and other forces characteristic of a police state in which to put-down the efforts of the protesters to oust President Mubarak and create sweeping changes in the governmental system of Egypt.

The judge leading the fact-finding commission established by the government stated on Tuesday that Mubarak is at least indirectly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators through the agency of the police and Interior Ministry personnel. The release of the conclusion of the study came only a few days after the former president was arrested and held for questioning concerning the killings and for more general corruption charges during his almost 30 years of ruling Egypt.

The number of dead is now said to be at least 846, a figure which is more than twice what the government had previously reported. The deaths took place in the two week period from January 25th until February 11th. This fact only emphasizes the extent of the violence perpetrated against the protestors, including snipers firing onto crowds of people from roofs to thugs hitting people with heavy sticks.