Mahmoud Abbas: Supports Egyptian Dictatorship

Tayeb Abdel-RahimTayeb Abdel-Rahim spokesman for PA President Mahmoud Abbas was quoted as saying, “the protesters in Egypt have suspicious allegiances and are conspiring against
the regime and hope to undermine Egypt’s leading role.”  It has been clear from various PA statements since the January 25th Revolution in Egypt began that PA President Mahmoud Abbas has supported Hosni Mubarak and has claimed that Western and Israeli elements have conspired to take down the “enlightened” Mubarak regime.  Now this is not surprising for a man who has not allowed free and open elections since 2006 and has run the PA in an a emergency state for some time.

Yet, he has one point where we can all agree on…this revolution has been nurtured by Western Globalists (excluding Israel) like Mohamed El Baradei, who have used the youth(who have waged a pure battle for their country and democracy) to foment chaos in order to establish a regime more to their liking.  But Abbas is not scared of the globalist agenda in Egypt, because if the regime would become a tool of the West that would suit him.  Mahmoud Abbas is scared that the next leadership of Egypt will be the Muslim Brotherhood and we of course know who they have spawned…Hamas.

So Mahmoud Abbas supports a dictatorship, because it is better in his mind to have a friendly dictatorship than freedom for his fellow Arabs. Isn’t it betterto be scared of the Muslim Brotherhood, yet support the Egyptian people’s right to freedom?