Jordan Implements New Metered Rates for Night Taxis

Jordan Taxi

Hoping to satisfy both taxi owners and their customers, the Land Transport Regulatory Commission in Jordan has decided to create fixed night-time rates for taxis all across the country. The new regulations come after the LTRC received repeated complaints from consumers that taxi drivers do not use their meters at night.

Countrywide Law

The new regulation went into effect on Sunday, January 1st, and forces all cabs that operate in all governorates, aside from Amman and Aqaba, to activate their meters at night. Amman and Aqaba are not under the jurisdiction of the LTRC, but Amman has already implemented a similar law two years ago.

There is a newly set fare, which is higher than the daytime tariff, according to the LTRC Director General Jamil Mjahed.

“Sometimes, cab drivers do not turn the meters on at night and take advantage of passengers by charging them fares higher than that of day hours, therefore, having a fixed night-time starting rate is good for them and for passengers,” he said.

“Taxi drivers need some extra money in return for working at night and that is fair,” Mjahed added.

Six Months To Change Over Old Meters

Cabs with digital meters will have to change them immediately to the new night-time fares. Taxis with older meters have six months to recalibrate them with the new rate system.

A mechanic working in Marka, Faouad Wasfi, believes that the decision to implement night-time fares and enforce the use of meters is a positive one on the part of the LTRC, but only if the cab drivers actually use the meters.

“Taxi drivers do not usually turn their meters on at night. They ask for a certain amount of money that is usually higher than one expects and claim that the meter does not work,” he said.

“The government should be serious about this decision by imposing fines on those who do not respect it. It is logical that taxi tariffs are higher at night, but I do not think taxi drivers will abide by the decision,” he added.