Is El Baradei An Insider?

Mohamed El Baradei

The following sounds like a plot to a movie and yet it really seems true. I hate to fan the flames of conspiracy within the opposition movement in Egypt and of course by doing so the rest of the Arab world, but I have been doing some mild research with exactly who Mohamed El Baradei is connected to.  It has not taken me long to discover a few things and dear readers this does not mean I am not in support of the Egyptian people’s current protest movement and need for real substantive change, but I am warning that the people who claim to be leading are none other than Western plants.

If one looks at Mohamed El Baradei ‘s dossier he seems quite impressive.  He was chased out of Egypt by Mubarak and remained outside for 12 years until his return last week.  He was also the head of the IAEA.  OK so not much there right?  Well doing some deeper research it seems that Mohamed El Baradei has been connected to the CFR (Council On Foreign Relations).  In fact the whole notion that a united front of parties including both Western Liberals and the Muslim Brotherhood could somehow work together was already set into motion well before the current crisis.  In a book by Bruce Rutherford entitled After Mubarak, the author explain how the Muslim Brotherhood, the judiciary, and the business sector can work in parallel, if not exactly together, to influence Egypt’s political future.  CFR associate Steven A. Cook in fact showcased this book in his April 2009 article on CFR’s Foreign Affairs website. This is well before the current crisis.

In Comes El Baradei

Back to Mohamed El Baradei.  To connect the dots, the Western press has, since the protests in Egypt began, pushed Mohamed El Baradei as the uniting figure for all of the above mentioned groups.  One more dot should connect who this man really is working for: The International Crisis Group. This organization is heavily funded by George Soros, a man experienced in funding revolutions and placing leaders he wants and believes will push for globalization in that country. Well Mohamed El Baradei sits on the International Crisis Group’s Board.

I am all for a new Egypt, but please Egyptians, be careful who you replace Mubarak with.  You may just find yourselves answering to to a whole new boss.