Iran to Increase Crude Oil Output

Iranian-OilIran intends to increase output in five oilfields according to the Managing-Director of the National Iranian Offshore Oil Company (NIOOC) Mahmoud Zirakchianzadeh. Zirakchianzadeh declared that “Studies on reservoirs and prioritizing implementation of production increase in five oilfields, including Soroush, Norouz, Hendijan, Bahregansar and Mahshahr, are moving ahead at a good pace.” He also noted that Iran will need to speed up well mining operations to improve output.

Deputy Oil Minister Ahmad Qal’ebani said that the new facilities, which will be built on the Western bank of the Karoun River, would occupy an area as vast as 20 development phases of Iran’s giant South Pars gas field.

“Creating capacity for oil production is necessary and creating surplus production capacity will provide Iran with an upper-hand on the international scene,” said Deputy Oil Minister Ahmad Qal’ebani.