iPhone 4S Coming to the UAE

iPhone 4S Coming to the UAE

In a race to be the first to get the latest hi-tech phone to the people of the UAE, du, one of the UAE’s two telecom providers, announced that it will have the iPhone 4S available for customers to purchase this coming Friday, December 16th.

This announcement came in response to a similar announcement by Etisalat, the other UAE telecom provider, stating that it is now accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4S.

“The much awaited iPhone 4S will be within our customers’ grasp shortly! We are glad to confirm the availability of iPhone 4S in du Shops beginning December 16,” said a statement issued by du spokesmen.

Further details, such as price, were not yet made available to the public.

It is believed that du’s prices will be similar to those already announced by Etisalat which are as follows:

iPhone 4S 16GB for Dh 2,749; 32GB for 3,149; 64GB for Dh 3,549.

Etisalat announced that their customers could pre-order the iPhone 4S by logging onto their website and charging the price to their credit cards.