Incomes Increase for Businessmen in the Middle East, Study Shows

A new survey conducted by Mercer shows that executives throughout the Middle East have voted themselves pay raises on the order of 5.7% on average.

Managers Do the Best

The data also points out those employees on the managerial level have also benefited from pay increases to an even larger extent then the executives, reflecting the fact that companies are focusing their financial resources on what they see as the “rainmakers” in their firms.

These average pay rises are on the average higher than what executives in Western Europe have received, although in Pakistan the average increase in yearly salary went up by 13.5% in 2011.

Qatar the Lowest and Bahrain the Highest

In Africa the average pay increase was 8.2%. Execs from Qatar had the lowest pay hikes, only 4%. Next up were Kuwaiti executives with 4.5% increases, Saudi Arabia had 5% raises as well as the UAE.

Bahraini executives did the best with 6% average salary increases, among all the Middle East countries that were included in the survey.

Broad Collection of Data

The data was analyzed by the Mercer Pulse Survey, which included information from 406 subsidiaries of multinational companies which do business in more than 60 European countries.

This survey focused its attention on the executive pay raises which was reported by all companies, including those who have frozen salaries in the past year while the date itself included the median increase in salary over a large variety of employee groups.