High Hopes for South Sudan Rest on Salva Kiir’s Shoulders

Salva KiirNow that the vote has decided that South Sudan will become an independent country this coming July, hope for a successful secession has been vested into the hands of what many analysts are describing as an unassuming leader, Salva Kiir.

Kiir’s modus operandi will be consensus building, in contrast to the years of violent conflict which the Sudan was engaged in during the decades of civil war between north and south until the signing of a peace treaty between the sides in 2005.

Kiir has already reached hero status in Southern Sudan after successfully staging the vote for secession which received the go ahead from almost 99% of the voters.

Voters will continue to rely on the former army intelligence officer to guide them to the development of the newest country in Africa, a country which produces oil but is terribly under developed at the moment.

Great challenges loom on the horizon for Kiir as the next 5 months leading to independence will require tricky negotiations over vital issues such as the division of oil revenues, defense and trade with northern Sudan, their former arch enemy during the bloody civil war.

Salva Kiir is a tall man who likes to sport a flashy cowboy hat; but the demeanor is a disguise behind which many say lies a keen negotiator and consensus builder who is capable of leading his country to a peaceful and prosperous future.