Good Business Sense Best Predictor of Good Outcome in Egypt Construction Sector

According to Oscar Wendel, commentator for, the question of what to expect from the construction sector of the Egyptian economy is still difficult to predict. Noting that the only truly reliable truth when it comes to predicting direction for economic trends is that when there is political turmoil and uncertainty, the marketplace suffers. Investors do not like to take unnecessary risks during times when almost any prediction about the future is unreliable and speculative.

However if we discount the recent shocking events which have rocked what looked like an otherwise stable Middle East, predictions for excellent growth in the construction sector in Egypt were optimistic. Many investors have been continuing to back their projects, many of which are major developments, literally banking on the continuing growth and prosperity of what looks like to many an uncertain future.

In conclusion, Mr. Wendel explains that since it is always impossible to predict the future of a nation or region’s growth and development, whether during crisis or stability, it is much more productive for investors and businessmen to focus on the things they can control, like their own balance sheets, business models and overall business strategies. Predicting the future should be left to the prophets, while good business decisions are the best guarantee of good economic growth and stability.