Dubai Heads Top-Ten List of Travel Destinations for 2014

Dubai Heads Top-Ten List of Travel Destinations for 2014

Next Year's Top Destination
Next Year’s Top Destination

One of the United Kingdom’s most popular vacation portals predicts that Dubai will lead a list of ten most visited vacation spots in the coming year. ranks destinations according to the number of inquiries they receive regarding particular places, as well as number of bookings. Most of the top ten on Alpha’s list are in Europe, but the top of the list is in the sunny, luxurious location of Dubai, in the Middle East.

The global economic slump has not diminished the quantity of Dubai apartments and villas being offered for rent to vacationers. Many of the rentals are found in the high-end locations of The Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina.

Tom Lei of explained why Dubai came out ahead of seven popular European locales as well as one North American vacation spot and another in Australia.

“With the already far-reaching and expanding network of Dubai’s Emirates airline, travelling to the city is becoming cheaper and more accessible.”

This is the complete list of what believes will be the ten most popular vacation spots in 2014.
1. Dubai
2. Cyprus
3. Costa del Sol
4. Paris
5. Algarve
6. Tenerife
7. Cornwall
8. Florida
9. Sydney
10. Majorca