Dubai Tower Stalled in Favor of London Dynamic Tower

London's Dynamic Tower

Officials in Dubai are disappointed that their city will not be the home to the first ‘rotating tower’ to be constructed in the world. Instead, the first “Dyanamic Tower” will be constructed in London, beginning soon.

“We will announce the start of the construction in London in due time. Most probably within the year,” said the London-based Dynamic Group, which is the developer of the project.

“We are now close to starting construction on the first building in motion in London, which will become a world landmark. This building will be a ‘Centre of Excellence’ and an icon of future lifestyles and sustainability,” the developer said in an e-mail to its worldwide investor base.

The development company lists the London Dynamic Project as a major part of London’s move to reclaim its historic role as a city which is at the “Center of the World.”

“As the city prepares to host for the third time the Summer Olympics in 2012, it wishes to bring this icon of future life to London, receiving its own rotating tower to serve as the landmark for the event, and an inspiration for generations to come,” continued the message.

When asked about the company’s plans for the development of a similar tower in Dubai they said, “As far as Dubai – we will love to know… and we hope as soon as the conditions will allow it.”

In March, 2011 it was reported that the developers of Dubai’s Dynamic Tower are anxious to put that city’s project back on schedule. Dubai’s Dynamic Tower will consist of 80 floors, each one with the ability to rotate independently.

“The Dynamic Tower in Dubai is on hold due to the current situation. Of course, Dr. David Fisher and our team would be delighted to have the tower in Dubai on track,”

said Simona Casati, the Press Office & Communication Manager, for the Dynamic Architecture Group, back in March.