March 3rd Day of Rage in Israel

Is Israel Next?

Israel Day of RageIf today’s events in Israel are an indication of the coming trend the only stable country in the Middle East maybe rocked by its own set of protests.  Despite the large Arab minority in Israel, these protests are coming from the population of Settler and their supporters. The settler populace and the right wing Israelis have long felt that their points of view have not been taken into consideration in gov’t policy.  From Gush Katif to the present official and now defacto of building freeze in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), these Jews see their rights slowly slipping away.

Sparked by Police Brutality

The current unrest in Israel was sparked by a raid on a community in the Samaria sector of the West Bank call Havat Gilad or Gilad’s Farm.  The police brutally destroyed the fledgling community and used rubber bullets, which in turn severely injured many of the protesters.

Day of Rage events have included:

  • Blocked Roads
  • Blocked Train Tracks
  • Slashed police car tires

“We have come to protest against the police officers’ rampage at Havat Gilad,” one protester said, “No one knows what is going to transpire in the next few hours. Every activist is operating independently.”

Only time will tell if Israel follows the way of its neighbors, yet it would be an ironic this time, if this uprising was led by Jews.